Rebel Girl Events director Nicola is the founder of the Exeter Chocolate Festival.


Nicola has studied with the Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting to gain her chocolate tasting certification, and judges in the chocolate category for the Taste of the West Awards.

“I set up the chocolate festival because I felt compelled to share my passion for bean-to-bar, ethically sourced chocolate with the world! It struck me that many people have no idea how their chocolate is actually made, or that fine chocolate is comparable to a fine coffee or wine. I have come across so many great British chocolate makers on this journey, who are dedicated to sourcing the finest quality cacao, direct from the farmer, and paying above the national average for the beans, often above the Fairtrade price. The chocolate festival offers visitors the chance to buy chocolate that’s both ethical and delicious.”

The festival has something for everyone. We have plenty of bean-to-bar chocolate makers from across the UK, so you can pick up some incredible chocolate and talk to the producers. We have local chocolatiers represented, cakes and other treats, workshops for the kids, aswell as a programme of talks and demonstrations and more! Go to for more details.  

Alongside the chocolate festival, Nicola offers chocolate tasting sessions for individuals and corporate clients. Head on over to the chocolate tasting page for more details.


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